Thursday, December 16, 2004

crazy guy phenomenon

so on my second ride on the metro this CRAZY french dude hops on the train singing at the top of his lungs (the french are generally really quiet speakers, especially on the trains) and then rambling and shouting in people's faces. so make the call... is he drunk? is he an evangelist? is he a drunk evangelist? after turning to laura for the translation it turns out he was an apocalyptic apostle... you know the world is ending so give me some money.

the bottom line is i am glad to know that the crazy guy on mass transit is not strictly an American phenomenon.


At 8:39 AM, Blogger jonny ragel said...

lol. sounds like one of those commercials where someone does something weird. then someone else (who obviously happens to have there priorities straight) wips out this cell phone and [*snap*] takes an instant pic. apocalyptic jaques 4? [*snap*] sweet home alabama--errrr--burgundy? [*snap*]



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