Sunday, March 27, 2005

just celebrated my last birthday

ways that you know you are old:

1) you have visable ear and nosehair

2) you are bald

3) you complain about new video games having more than an a and b button

4) you purchased the bulk of your music collection on cassette

5) you received books as birthday presents (and exclaimed gleefully after opening them)

6) you have 100+ 5th and 6th graders tell you so everyday at work

7) on your last run, something in your knee went "pop" (and you haven't run since)

8) in addition to the aforementioned books, you received an ear and nose hair trimmer on your birthday (and again exclaimed gleefully) (so does that mean that I can cross off number 1?)

9) after watching 'troy' you caught yourself thinking 'damn brad pitt looks great at 40... 40's not that old'

10) you turned 29 last week.


At 5:40 PM, Blogger miss kazu said...

I don't think you're old, I think you're young...Four reasons I know you're young are: 1) I still catch you jumping on the bed with kazu and squealing like a little school girl 2) you became the most excited I've seen you all week when I told you I'd play 'streets' with you 3) every single friend you've talked to in the last 48 hours knows that you have an ipod shuffle, and those who have had the fine fortune of physically being with you when you've talked to them have gotten the full five-minute demo 4) you still kiss me like you did when we first met.


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