Monday, June 06, 2005

feeling smurfy?

feeling smurfy?
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we all have our favorites.... missle command, joust, frogger, asteroids but there's something about this colecovision smurfs game that makes me feel like i am seven years old again.

in the heyday of the atari explosion, i was on assisted lunch, so we couldn't afford to jump into the fray. so i watched from afar and looked forward to sleepovers at my friends who were lucky enough to own the atari 2600. you know the guys. they were the friends who called you on christmas morning to tell you that t they had received omega supreme the same year that you got brawn.

well that all changed a few years after the video game boom when my parents sprung for not an atari, but a coleco vision. the OTHER 80s video game brand... anyways our coleco came with the three best games ever: the original donkey kong, mouse trap, and the smurfs.

smurfs was a classic scrolling game with no fire button, only a joystick for walking and jumping. the graphics ruled over atari and after a few hours of playing azrael would show up. then later gargamel and i don't recall a formal ending, i think it just went on until you grew tired of it.

so even though i was a late bloomer in the video game world, the kick ass smurf game made up for everything. that and the next year we got the coleco atari adaptor so that i could play all the games my friends were sick of. sometimes poverty pays off...


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