Saturday, July 02, 2005

stars and stripes forever

i have never been a huge fan of the 4th of july. when i was a kid, we didn't have much money, certainly not enough to watch it "go up in smoke" so we never bought much more than a few sparklers o. that and in the redneck backwoods wof my childhood, shotgun shells were interchangable with roman candles or more 'mainstream' fireworks. needless to say, the 4th has always been more about BBQ and watermelon than wanything else.

so driving around today, not thinking much about the impending holiday, i had the following conversation with a coworker (who is a pretty big fan of the 4th of July):

coworker: so do you have any big plans for the 4th?
me: no. not really.
coworker: no? no BBQ, get together, rodeo, nothin like that?
me: no not really. i don't have any set plans yet. i think i'm doing some recording...
coworker: huh. so you're just gonna be a homebody.
me: i guess. maybe finish a little honeydo items
coworker: that's too bad. you sure you're not gonna set off anything illegal?
me: no last year i almost set my house on fire with a roman candle. i think i scared my you have any plans?
coworker: oh yeah we've got the BBQ on monday and tell you the truth i think we'll do it on sunday too.
me: and then there's the rodeo...
coworker: oh yeah, got the rodeo every year, we do the rodeo. but not on saturday, that's my laundry day... you know the day to clean up and do the dishes. maybe even watch cartoons.
me: they still have saturday morning cartoons?
coworker: oh yeah. to tell you the truth they're not that good.
me: really?
coworker: yeah they're pretty bad. they look like they were made in China or something. you know like they speak Japanese.
me: really? Chinese cartoons that speak Japanese.? that doesn't sound good at all.

well happy 4th of july everyone. i'll try and do something interesting, maybe i'll just watch some Chinese cartoons in Japanese...


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