Thursday, June 23, 2005

...worst champions ever

this is by no means an original thought, but after watching game 7 tonight, i have to say that the spurs are the worst three title team in recent history. my case is evident in a single play at the end of the game...

manu ginobli ended up with the ball and what was arguably an open lane to the basket to seal the game with under ten seconds left. so facing said open lane what does ginobli do? does he drive to the hole and slam the ball hard enough to break every last myopic heart in detroit? no, he dribbles around in a circle like a young colt that has escaped from a corral where it was only allowed to run in circles. rather than end a physical series with a pull-out-your-heart gesture, ginobli ran time off the clock in a show of the team-first attitude that makes the spurs boring champions.

the sad thing is that there is probably no more deserving team in the nba (if there is such a thing). besides the suns, i think that the spurs "do things the right way" and build their team around a couple of great players with none other than, you guessed it "good character" "role players" don't get me wrong this is one of the few cases of the right thing happening in the nba, yet it is so bland it makes me dare i say long for another finals featuring the lakers. at least then i had someone to hate.

the thing is i was cheering for the pistons to win yet i can't hate on the spurs and i think that therein lies the problem. great players are polarizing. either they are on you team and you love them or they are beating your team and you love to hate them. i hated michael jordan and scottie pippin when they were beating the glide and TP back in the day. then when portland signed scottie i made a case for his inclusion in the best 50 players of all time. that's how great players work--they have so much skill or character (barkley, rodman, lambier et. al.) that you love to love to hate them. i hate kobe bryant which is why i will always watch the blazers lakers games... suddenly i care.

that's the problem with the spurs. i can't imagine anyone hating the spurs. too much "character" i suppose... and not the kind of "character" that gives you something to talk about on sports radio.


At 12:35 PM, Blogger jonny ragel said...

so right! I hate the way I find nothing to hate about them. even bruce bowen, who spends his time frisking and pestering the opposition's best player, seems to be a gentleman. soon, there will be a statue of tim duncan erected next to the alamo. and people are likely to mistake the lifeless lump of metal for the man himself. *zzzzzzzz*

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Sloop said...

To quote Pulp Fiction, "just because you are a character doesn't mean you have character". I'm not sure if that's at all relevant. Go team!

At 6:19 PM, Blogger kazuhank said...

nice crash! actually the lifeless lump of steel might show more personality than tim duncan (remember that razor ad he did with the admiral a few years back? ...rolls eyes) the statue might even offer a better postgame interview with fewer "we had a great team effort" quips.

i think i agree with sloop... go team!

At 8:08 PM, Blogger stephen-lawrence said...

this is the same arguement used on sports radio against the patriots. true fans of basketball (or football re: the pats) say something else. the spurs/pistons series featured great performances from both teams. clutch shooting, passing, defense, and yes, even character. this was the first seven game series in 11 years. it had the first overtime in 4 years. yes, there were four blow-outs, but only because one of the teams played so perfectly.

pistons/lakers '04 = lopsided in 5.
nets/lakers '02 = sweep...
sixers/lakers '01 = boring 5 gamer.
pacers/lakers '00 = "bland" in 6
someone to hate? absolutely.
great basketball that's entertainting? nope.

if the spurs (or the pats) are indeed "boring" they just won it all for the third time in 7 years. are there 29 other NBA franchises that would be willing to carry that burden? you bet.
this much is true: fans in detroit have no problem hating the spurs.

q: what blazer fan would complain about having too much character and also want the lakers to be in the NBA finals???

a: NO blazer fan in a million years would ever, ever dream of having the los angeles lakers in the NBA finals (not to mention the playoffs.)

At 12:14 AM, Blogger kazuhank said...


i think you misinterpret my post. i was refering more to like/hate-ability of the spurs' players, not an entertainment factor of this years finals. i was not saying that the spurs' flaw is too much character, rather, that they are boring. with the lakers, there is a team to hate, a villan if you will (to truly root for superman, you need to have a lex luther to cheer against. or in football having the rams to hate makes me love the seahawks more)

3 championships in 7 years makes the spurs the champs, but it doesn't make them polarizing in either direction (love or hate).

by the way, i like the patriots because they have some characters on their team. vrabel playing both sides of the ball and scrappers like ty law (no longer on the team) and teddy bruschi--love them or hate them at least they give you something to love or hate.

I don't consider them boring because defensive ball is exciting (just like in hoops) I also like to cheer against them because belichick looks like such a punk in his hoody each week.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger stephen-lawrence said...

figured that was your point; i was more incredulous about the lakers. most people want la in the finals but not me :)...i wish reebok would make suits so coaches in the nfl didn't look like homeless people

At 2:40 PM, Blogger kazuhank said...

i thought that there was a rumor that rbk was entertaining the thought of a rbk suit. that would be nice. let nolan set a bar for coaches t.


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