Monday, January 28, 2008

new ink

Today I spent about four hours under the needle getting some work done on a new half sleeve. The new Scapegoat is a sweet space, with more room, bigger booths, fresh paint, and a warmer overall vibe. Not to mention the presence of a three neighboring vegan establishments: sweet pea bakery, the mystery clothing place, and the unrelenting food fight grocery that (seemingly) started it all. Once again, Ryan is off to a great start, and this piece is looking rad even in it's incomplete state. We took a break about half way through to see the free show at food fight that no age was putting on, and then realized that we could hear it all just fine through the wall. A quick rice milk chai latte later, and I found myself in more sweet pain. I am looking forward to finishing this piece and then will probably start dreaming up my next tattoo. After watching the TiVo'd first half of the state of the union address, I'm thinking that a Bush-themed tattoo might be in order. Now if only I could think of a place on my body to tattoo a Bush. Hmmm...

new work


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