Friday, November 16, 2007


a survey from sloop:

01. What is your ultimate pet hate?
littering. i guess i just don't understand anyone under 40 years old not having compassion (or at the very least a mild concern) for the environment.

02. What is the most beautiful accent in the world?

French. Especially when spoken by an animated skunk.

03. If you could choose one city to live in for the rest of your life, which city would it be?

Paris, France. I'm able to ask for the restroom, order a baguette, and ask for butter all in French. I'm pretty much set.

04. Who is your favorite film director and why?

I should say Francois Truffaut to keep with my French theme, but that would deny George Lucas his rightful place. Wait, I misread the question, it's not the most-loved-as-a-child-and-hated-as-an-adult director, it's just favorite director. That would have to be Stanley Kubrick. Films that he completed in the 60s still completely challenge me. he's brilliant and relevant, and of course Eyes Wide Shut doesn't really count.

05. How much do you swear?
is this a contest? i think i'm winning!

if you're reading this, please feel free to contribute!


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