Friday, October 12, 2007

fujiya & miyagi

F&M at the doug fir last night. in a word, amazing. translated into british, brilliant. the boys from brighton were even more brilliant than their jaw dropping opening slot for peter, bjorn, and john in the summer. partly due to the simple fact that they got to play an entire set. i am the worst dancer in the world, and these guys make me forget that fact and enjoy myself (to the chagrin of everyone around me i'm sure). so well done lads, and please come back soon as i'm sure your fan base will continue to grow exponentially (but I hope that it's not so much that you'd be in a larger room where it's harder to get close and steal your set lists).

definitely miyagi

by the way, the new dave smith instruments prophet '08 (pictured above below the nord) is even more amazing in person. wow.


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