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album leaf 7/6/7

album leaf 7/6/7
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once again the album leaf was brilliant last night. sadly, a few factors seemed to make the show a little less than absolutely amazing:

1) under byen was great BUT they played a little long and seemed a little self-indulgent during the "well-let-all-of-the-instruments-feedback-for-5-minutes-after-the-last-song-in-a-hope-to-sound-like-sigur-ros" final note. it fell a little flat. pun FULLY intended.

2) maybe it was the hot weather, maybe it was a long work week for everyone, or maybe they were all pooped, but the crowd seemed subdued to say the least (nevermind the fact that teresa was sleeping against the wall). It seemed like the band took notice too.

3) perhaps due to the lame crowd, they played for an hour and twelve minutes, with no encore. people tried to get them back out, but a large part of the crowd left without protest.

all that said, it was still better than most musical options on the given weekend, and I remain a HUGE album leaf fan. I just really wanted that encore I guess.


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