Sunday, May 27, 2007

The 'Quatch

i just got back from the second of two day-long trips into eastern washington for single-day concerts this month. first was Morriseey in spokane with Stephen, and yesterday/this morning was with sims, t-sickles and stephen.

i'm still sleep deprived and a little looped, but saturday's sasquatch was amazing! it didn't have the volume of acts that last year's show had, but the quality made up for the quantity in spades. viva voce owned their slot (we even stayed through the whole thing despite neko case playing midway through), bjork was exactly what i expected... stunning, and the arcade fire set was not only one of the best musical performances i have seen (if not the best), it was close to a religious experience. and no, i'm not intending a pun with the "neon bible" theme, it was just that good.


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