Thursday, December 21, 2006

little phatty!

little phatty!
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i guess Santa comes to my house a little early. not only did he forgo the formalities of flying a sled and wearing a red hat and suit, he also arrived driving a FedEx Ground truck. I'll take Santa any way he comes as long as he comes bearing a little phatty.

if you've read the last few posts, you know that i've been geeking out (literally and figuratively) for this thing to arrive. even Hank could tell that something special had arrived. as i unpacked the box, he jumped up onto one of the dining room chairs to get a better view of the thing that will be pulling most of my free time attention away from him.

i'm letting the LP acclimate to my house (the manual addendum recommends allowing the board to warm up before firing things up) as i type, so i am jonesing to turn things on and watch the blue lights dance. so if i fail to answer my cell phone or come out of the house the rest of the week, i hope you can understand.


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