Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hollywood brings about Armaggedon

I never thought that the end of the world would be brought about by Hollywood. Until I saw what I assumed was a joke trailer last night. I've known that big budget, major motion pictures have been at a loss for an original idea ever since I saw the Final Destination 2 trailer.

The problem as I see it though, is that continuing the dead end storylines of the Final Destination and Saw movies only shows Hollywood's desperation to cash in on even moderate successes. These movies don't bother me much because I never plan on seeing them.

But last night the TV spot I saw was so wretched, so terrible that I couldn't believe it was true. Have we dug so low into the dregs of screenplay pitches that we would actually entertain green lighting a film called "Snakes on a Plane?" What was even worse than the TV spot that had me wondering if an SNL parody had snuck its way into prime time was the droll tagline, and I quote, "Relax. Sit down. Enjoy the Fright."

Never mind the hackneyed tagline, or the literal title telling us exactly what to expect, what was most shocking is that Samuel L. Jackson is attached in the lead. there goes that career. along with my desire to watch television again for fear of seeing that terrible trailer again.


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