Monday, March 06, 2006

worst band ever...

i just realized one of the inherit benefits of tivo. primarily that i was not subjected to the atrocity that was fall out boy's performance on saturday night live this weekend ...until today that is.

i don't want to sound like one of those old skool music snobs, but what happened to the good ole days when punk rock bands jumped all over the stage while still playing a song? the same couldn't be said for the "performance" from fall out boy on snl. there hasn't been a disconnect between audio and visual on snl like this since the ashlee simpson debacle.

being exposed to 12-year-old music-of-the-month bands on a daily basis, i have heard my share of fall out boy (FOB from here on out). i can even understand why they are somewhat popular with the unrefined pallette of preteens.

but what went down on snl was easily one of the worst musical performances i have witnessed. that's saying something considering some of the bands that i have shared a bill with, but i digress. FOB seemed to be on stage simply to mug for the camera, jump up and down, and shout into each other's mics. somehow terrible just doesn't quite do things justice.

at times i was perplexed trying to find ways to match the "notes" to the physical movements of the "musicians." i don't think their guitars were even tuned. or was that just the singer? at this point i don't even care. but now that i'm watching the second 'song' i'm even more certain that i've played with these guys before. probably at the paris.


At 8:31 AM, Blogger Sloop said...

I concur. It was like the sound of a thousand garbage trucks compacting their trash while crashing into each other, while a thousand bagpipers had a battle royale for "worst note". It was truly the worst musical act I've ever witnessed on television, and now, I want SNL to give me my 5 minutes back.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger BonikaStJames said...

Glad I missed it.

Are we getting old? Cuz this music the young people listen to these days is crap.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger BethInPortland said...

The real question is--"Is that a guy or a girl playing the red guitar and can I see their thong?!" Seriously.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger kazuhank said...

sloop--i want all 10 minutes back, because i rewound the trainwreck and showed it to reese.

bonnie--no we're not getting old, i like to think of it as more refined. yes, that's it, our tastes are improving.

beth--it's a guy and yes, that appears to be a sultry bit of undergarment.


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