Sunday, February 12, 2006

mr. predictable

i must be easy to find on myspace, because first, my students found my myspace page, and they must have spread the word because a steady trickle of people i haven't seen in over a decade have been finding me. generally speaking, myspace is evil and a clear sign for the coming of armaggedeon. most of the time, you get solicited by either cyber-hos or terrible bands.

however, in the last few months, myspace has shown that it has its upsides. it helped me find a decent new band , okay, so technically i heard about these guys on itunes, but i used myspace to check out a few of their songs before catching them at berbatti's last week. i also caught up with an old friend.

the last time i talked to most of my high school friends, i was in training to be a firefighter, so they are surprised to hear that i teach 6th grade. so a friend recommended that i check out fever pitch because jimmy fallon's character is the kind of teacher that they imagine me being. i figured that i would be nothing like the character other than his name is ben, but the similarities were kind of scary.

fallon plays a teacher who is obsessed with the BoSox. he lives two lives based on the baseball season and offseason. the movie ben had a good rapport with his kids, and i'd like to think that i have the same. i finished the movie and didn't think that i was obsessed like movie ben, but as i stopped the movie and turned on my tivo i realized that in some ways i'm just as pathetic as my movie doppleganger.

i have four seahawks games on my tivo as i type this. i combined a birthday party with a super bowl party so that i wouldn't miss the seahawks first SB appearance. i can name not only every seahawk player on the 53-man roster, i can also identify them by their voices. i wore the same shirt for each of this year's playoff games. i have a "lucky" pair of overalls. i have a several-years-running draft day party that i throw at my brother's house each april (the "party" consists of only my brother and i by the way).

so basically, my pathetic obsession with the seahawks is clear not only to my friends, it's clear to people who haven't seen me in a decade, and now it's even becoming clear to me.


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