Thursday, December 29, 2005

quote of the day

yes, i love football way too much and my allegience to the Seattle Seahawksleads me to ridiculous habits such as watching streaming video of Mike Holmgren's bi-weekly press conferences. this is all way too geeky i admit, but at least this year my loyalty is paying off (for those of you that don't follow sports Seattle is tied for the best record in the NFL).

watching Holmgren in compressed, streaming format i can't help but feel as if i could recite his responses before he even opens his mouth. most of this is due to sports cliches and the fact that coaches and players (with the exception of chad johnson--sorry non-sports people i probably just lost you...) never say anything new. ever. not in press conferences, not in after-the-game-on-the-field interviews, not in the post-game lockerroom interview, not even on the nfl network (which i watch for about an hour a day). so why do i keep streaming 57 minutes of stuff i have heard before? because every now and again, the color-by-number responses produce something you never hear. today, mike holmgren rewarded my loyal listening with his comments on the probability of walter jones playing on sunday. holmgren simply stated:

"Probable will mean probable. Probably."

this may have been a long setup for a lame quote but in the predictable world of sports talk, this absurd quote had me laughing.


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