Monday, December 19, 2005

back to work

Christmas break marks two weeks away from the kiddies and my full-time return to the world of telephony, service calls, a desk, the Internet, voicemail, and working with my buddy-old-pal Daniel.

Working with Daniel is awesome in that my boss is my friend and the job is one that I have dutifully performed for the last 6 years (READ: I know what I'm doing and don't need to think too hard). The one downside is that my name sounding somewhat similar to Dan, coupled with my propensity to mumble and speak without annunciating means that I have the following conversation with customers about 45 times a day.

phone rings (the customer is calling for Daniel, not Dan or Ben but Daniel).

me: Teledigit this is Ben (keep in mind I am mumbling and the following probably sounds like "Tele-mumble this mumble mumble...")

customer: hey Dan I wanted to ask you about that bid...

me: this is Ben, were you looking for Daniel?

customer: yeah Dan right? anyways, I wanted to ask you...

me: I'm sorry, there is no Dan, this is Ben (by now I am making an effort to emphasize the consonants), were you looking for Daniel?

customer: this is who?!

me: this is Ben.

customer: oh I'm sorry Bam is Dan there?

me: I can put you in DanIEL's voicemail if you'd like.

customer: that would be great Jan.

so needless to say I love the full time work even if it means that I am now a woman working for some guy named Ban. Well off to check Jan's email.


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