Saturday, May 13, 2006

tongue and horizon line

tongue and horizon line
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The nice thing about the Proposal Rock Inn in Neskowin OR is that there's DSL in the hotel rooms. That way when you get back from the beach, you can blog about your dogs.

I've never been to Neskowin before, this place was recommended by the sloop john p. and it has its perks. Besides DSL in the room, the rooms are "pet friendly" so we can take Hank and Kazu with us to the beach.

In addition, our room is "beach facing," so rather than walk to the beach for a sunset, we can watch it all go down from our back deck. nice way to spend the weekend at the beach–especially if you enjoy sandy paws in your sheets as much as I do!


At 9:24 AM, Blogger BonikaStJames said...

Awesome picks! I need a dog so I can take my dog to the beach.

I'm all for a beach "rent-a-dog". You can rent go carts and those are no fun. Why not dogs. I'd go ever freaking weekend if I could rent a dog.


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