Wednesday, December 20, 2006

daily routine

last summer when boy eats drum machine got off tour, i managed to drive reese crazy with my cabin fever. it seems that when given extended periods of time off of work, i manage to get nothing done (aside from making incredible progress on my Netflix queue) other than driving my working friends crazy with persistent gmail chats, phone calls, and other annoyances.

so for the next two-and-a-half weeks, i find myself off of work again. unlike the summer though, this time i have a plan. it's a four-step thing of beauty.

Step 1) jury summons. no kidding, i was summoned for October (when I changed my political party affiliation--sorry Pacific Greens!), but being the advance planner that I pretend to be, I saw an opportunity to counteract the housebound crazies. I deferred my term, but no felons are cooperating as I have yet to get the call up to jury duty.

Step 2) procrastinate all Christmas shopping/letter writing. "there will be plenty of time to shop when I'm off work," I heard myself saying. Too bad that all it took was a few hours yesterday, because I'm already done.

Step 3) create an impossible "To Do" list of household chores and projects. in theory, this is the one item on the list that should keep me busy. it is also the one thing on my list that i have devoted no time to completing.

Step 4) help record the new boy eats drum machine disc. what better way to knock out 10 hours each day than recording. this is the one item on the list that i'm actually excited to do. once again, i'm foiled in that peter is still laying down drums and i'm a little further down on the docket.

so in the absence of completing any of the steps in my four-part plan, here has been my daily itinerary:

06:00-07:00 wake up and drive Reese to the MAX
07:00-10:00 browse Internet/watch TiVo archives
10:00-12:00 nervously pace around house hoping for the arrival of the little phatty
12:00-05:25 watch EVERY movie that came in the mail from Netflix
05:25-05:30 drive Netflix movies down to the mailbox to make the 5:30 pickup
05:30-06:30 watch more TiVo and take an hour nap
06:30-07:00 pick up Reese from the MAX
07:00-10:00 practice upright bass/eat dinner/sulk because the little phatty didn't come/play music with Reese in basement/watch more TiVo

And repeat!


At 3:24 PM, Blogger Sloop said...

Sounds like an awesome lifestyle! I hope the phatty came today, so you can stop waiting for it, and start rocking it.


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