Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Mozzo

"Let's go huntin'!" he said in what has to be one of the most comical versions of a Brit trying to sound like a backwoods Appalachian. "Only let's hunt the hunters!"

Morrissey's humorous song segues were in rare form last night, but none topped his final adoption of the hillbilly voice to ask the crowd if they had heard of his band adding, "We're from Wichi-taw!"

When Stephen and I decided to go see one of the Moz shows in Washington, we both felt prompted to pick Spokane over Seattle. Thankfully, it paid off.

There were several detractors, like the 10+ hours of driving, the last minute venue change, a shirtless idiot who kept trying to crowd surf (even during everyday is like sunday), an overzealous (and sans humor) security staff (when strip searching us before the show and asking if we had any knives or drugs, they did not find it funny when I joked that I never come to a show without them, all the android could mutter was that I'd need to give them to him or throw them away), a girl who was knocked out cold on the stage railing during the final encore, and the venue's insane policy of letting the restaurant patrons enter the venue before the people who line up ahead of time (like Stephen and I).

In spite of all of that, the show was incredible. Spokane paid off in the form of a more intimate venue, a more laid back Mozzer, and a long drive to debrief on all of the evening's events. The set list was great (including 1 new song, songs from Your Arsenal!, and 3 songs from the Smiths). Morrissey seemed playful and was very humorous. He was self-effacing about his age, his body (after stripping off his shirt), and even his inability to sell out the prior 2700 seat venue. The night was brilliant, one of the best live sets I've seen from the Mozzer, and his new band lineup is very good. Too bad his tour promoters have skipped Portland the last 2 tours, that said, it's good knowing that Moz is still worth the drive.

*photo NOT from Spokane (due to previously mentioned strip search) courtesy of the Press Democrat Santa Clara, CA (the show before Spokane).

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