Monday, May 07, 2007

longest spiderman ever!

so i went to spidey part 3 with p and was completely blown away by one thing. i could say it was the special effects, but they were good at best with a few seeming too CG or "cartoonish" for lack of a better word. or it could also be the action sequences which were, as would be expected, worth the price of admission. or i could say that i was blown away by the film's length, which was easily 30 minutes longer than necessary. i could even say that i was blown away by the predictable plot developments, and terrible writing (after such a strong spiderman 2), such as my favorite line, "Everyone needs help Peter, even Spiderman."

No, it was none of those things that amazed me. There was only one thing that truly stood out to me in this film. One thing that has made an impression on me, and that is simply how long (and slightly unnerving) Kristen Dunst's arm hair is.


At 10:05 AM, Blogger Sloop said...

Agreed on all counts; though I can't say I noticed K-Dun's arm hair. It was a real popcorn flick, and the worst of the Spidey movies. A mostly enjoyable escape though.


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