Saturday, October 06, 2007

massive weight loss

it's amazing what a general tendency of laziness coupled with life changes like graduation and the stress of starting one's career will do for weight gain. I never was a skinny guy, but it was kinda scary last Christmas when all of the cookies and treats found me a large inhale away from 200 lbs. It was honestly kinda scary for a short guy like me.

So in January I set out to make some changes. Nothing crazy. I'm the worst vegan in the world, so now I'm really just a vegetarian. The thing that I found that worked the best was simply being health conscious. Amazing, all of those balanced eating recommendations seem to be right after all.

here I am 9 months or so later and I'm down over 40 lbs. go team. 198.8 in January, 158.6 in October. I went from a 36" waist to a 30, from size large t-shirts to size small. I can barely believe it myself.

now while I don't recommend major emotional trauma to anyone, it certainly helps you lose that last pesky 8 pounds or so... and fast.


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