Sunday, October 07, 2007


they say never give a stray cat a saucer of milk, or it will no longer be a stray cat, it will simply be your cat. which by the way, is how I came to care for the only cat I have ever owned sidney, who followed my brother and I home from the school bus back when I was a freshman or so. Come to think of it that cat is still alive and well meaning it is 15 years old or something. I'm beginning to question whether Sid is truly a cat and not some kind of undead zombie.

In any case, the don't feed a stray thing also applies to dogs. When attempting (for the first few hours anyway) to crate train my wunderdog Kazu, I was faced with a similar conundrum. Kazu hated her crate and so she began to cry. For the first half an hour it was almost humorous. Then it began to interfere with my own sleep. So in a moment of weakness, I let her out and up onto the bed. Game over. So Kazu not only sleeps in my bed, she works her way up to the top of the covers and rests her head on the pillow. In her mind, she is a tiny, hairy, illiterate human with a poor vocabulary.

So here we are six years later, and she has not been able to sleep a night outside of my bed. Her habit transfers to other beds as well. In a hotel room, Kazu's in the bed, when camping Kazu's in my sleeping bag, when I sleep in my car, she's on top of me in the driver's seat and so on.

I honestly don't mind at all. That makes me a terrible Dog Whisperer, but I kind of like having a friendly heat source in the bed. Especially in these colder months, and even more especially as of late.


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