Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happ-o-ween everyone!

well, it's been a crazy day at work with 32 of my 34 kids dressed as everything from wizards

to whatever these things are,

to even an appearance from yoda!

even i'm somewhat obligated to don a form of costume and since last year's Howie Mandel "costume" seemed so incredibly lame, I decided to try a little harder and went as Benjy Marley, one of Bob's illegitimate sons from a tour stop in Grand Falls, Michigan (hence the pale complexion). Sure, it was basically as easy as putting on a Bob Marley shirt, my normal olive green coat, and a $7 Fred Meyer Rastafarian wig, but it was a step above just putting on a suit.

so, after a day with the public school ghouls and goblins, i ran by the rite aid for candy. $16 later, and i'm set. so here i am passing out candy by myself. it's a terribly hilarious routine. my doorbell doesn't work, so usually i'm made aware of trick-or-treaters by my dogs barking as if someone was breaking down our front door. I then pause my DVD (the lookout right now, mr. smith goes to washington later), push the dogs back, spray the dogs with a water bottle because the pushing didn't work, then i grab the candy bowl, squeeze through the door without letting one (or both) of the dogs out, and then pass out the candy.

it's funny, because adolescents always get the bad rap for causing trouble on Halloween, but they have been the best behaved so far tonight. Surprisingly, it's been the youngest kids who grab fistfuls of candy without asking, or even saying trick-or-treat for that matter. i'm from the "grab a couple" school of thought, and most kids are cool, it's just the littlest ones who apparently don't know any better. then again, Halloween is for the little kids.


At 8:03 PM, Blogger Creative Mess said...

Flannery's school doesn't dress up. Dangit. She was Princess Lea and was so pretty. We ran into a 40 year old 6' 4" Darth Vader during trick or treating which Chris was pretty afraid of, but all the prodding in the world wouldn't make Flannery pose with him. I even told her that he was her dad...which she rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah. In the movie." BTW - we made her say Trick or Treat at every house and a nice Thank You after receiving candy. So, at least one set of parents are doing their job. ;)


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