Thursday, July 14, 2005

the word on the street

my summer job has found me working on a new bank downtown at 6th and oak, so i have been taking advantage of the opportunity to people watch. and by people watch i mean eavesdrop on people as i take breaks to feed the meter and myself. today's highlights include two spiritual experiences with none other than 'deebis cries' himself...

two women walking past me:

woman one: so i just sat up and i told him...
woman two: thank you deebis!
woman one: i knew that....
woman two: thank you! thank you!
woman one: i just knew that...,
woman two: thank you deebis!

if woman two would have stopped thanking deebis i may have been able to hear more of woman one. oh well, opportunity struck just around the corner.

man: that's why you just have to trust him you know.
woman: i know what you're sayin but do you know what i'm sayin?
man: just trust HIM only HIM (again i assume that they are referrring to debis who has been getting all of this thanks lately)
woman: but what about those big questions, ya know like we're here in the milky way...
man: uh huh.
woman: ...and the milky way is just on the corner of the universe...
man: yes it is,
woman: i don't know it's like in 'men in black' (men in black--that's right an abundant source of philosophical wisdom--will smith and tommy lee jones in a film that is not afraid to tackle the metaphysical. in fact, wasn't it aristotle that penned the original treatment of the script?)
man: the movie?
woman: yeah, it's like we're on the edge of a universe that has billions of stars and that's inside another universe and another until it's really just a ball on the necklace of a cat...

at this point i was rounding the corner and unable to continue the quest to find our place in the unending universes chained to a cat's neck. but if this deebis is able to answer these deep questions, i guess i should check him out.


At 9:34 AM, Blogger jonny ragel said...

lol. and lol. nice work.

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Sloop said...

When I think somebody's overhearing one of my conversations, I love to make up crazy stuff, just to blow their mind. Like " I said, if that's a pizza, then what did I have for lunch? And what was in that jar that I thought mayonnaise??!"
That kind of thing. Then I secretly hope they blog about it. But now that I wrote that it's not a secret anymore, is it? No, it's not.


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