Saturday, October 01, 2005

bigotry, hatred, and ignorance--the roadtrip!

Is it just me or are the protestors from Topeka, Kansas completely taking their bigotry and hatred a few steps to far? It's one thing to drive into your own town to spread your ignorance, perhaps even spew it onto the internet (check out their home page It's a far cry though to ask your boss for time off, pay for tickets to Portland, rent a car to drive to Beaverton all to protest a high school production of a play based on Matthew Sheppard's brutal murder.

Watching the coverage of these cross-contry haters really started to bother me until I checked out the webpage that they were wearing on their shirts. Evidently not only are these bigots spending their time attempting to shut down a high school play, they are busy thanking their god for Hurrican Rita's "Direct & Immediate Visitation of the Wrath of God Upon Sinful, Sodomite America - Avenging America's Abuse of WBC!" WBC being Westboro Baptist Church, the church that loves god enough to dedicate their time and money to maintaining a webpage devoted to his hatred for homosexuals. Reading a few of these articles put my mind at ease that these are simply ignorant bigots who mask their hatred in their religion.

"There is no voice in this town to speak for God," says one of the roadtripping protestors. She's right in that there is no voice in Portland insane enough to put words of anger in God's mouth. I guess what bothers me is these people bring God into their bigotry. The God I believe in loves ALL of his people, but when you are thanking your God for killing thousands in the gulf coast, you are clearly praying to another deity.

I agree with the Southridge student who called these protestors "the real terrorists."


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Sloop said...

Seriously. What the hell? If Jesus came down today and saw what was being done in his name, he'd never stop throwing up.


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