Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quit while you're ahead.

They say that in show biz you should:

A) leave them wanting more and 

B) never follow a kid's act

what I'm finding is that option A never really happened, and I have officially walked into the middle of B. Of course, I'm referring to my son Liam and his infinitely-more-popular-than-mine blog. 

They say that as a father you will eventually be overshadowed by your children. You can see my son doesn't mind as he's apparently trying to literally and figuratively top me, even by climbing up my beard.

It's somewhat like having siblings. I can remember that in high school I started out as Matt's little brother, only to then become my own person. Then my younger brother Steve was seen as my little brother for a brief moment until I became "Steve's older brother." 

So once again, I have been surpassed in popularity. So don't expect much out of this blog as I am now putting myself out to pasture and turning into a fan of my blogging child prodigy Liam Morrissey. I should have known that giving him that middle name would turn him into a star. Burn brightly little star...