Thursday, November 22, 2007

this beautiful creature must die...

each thanksgiving i get a little more than depressed thinking about the 300 million turkeys that will die for no better reason than a tradition that goes back to queen elizabeth ordering a second goose after hearing of a spanish ship (on its way to attack england) had sunk. the tradition of a late autumnal celebration featuring a large stuffed goose was replaced with turkeys by early colonists who found an abundance of wild turkeys while geese were scarce. never mind that the real thanksgiving meal was likely made up of seafood and wild venison. none of those options are very compassionate.

i realize that most people see vegetarians as mildly over-sensitive, too impassioned, or zealous, but for me it's simply a matter of compassion. if you can think of the 300 million lives that will be taken after a short life pent up in a cage, pumped full of hormones, after an infancy of clipped beaks and removed claws, and still eat these social creatures, more power to you. I may not have that ability to disconnect, but i don't fault anyone who does make that choice. provided they understand why they do eat turkeys (most would simply reply tradition), and what it means in terms of suffering.

so this is a reminder, think before you eat, and perhaps a little more thought than light or dark meat, because that meat was once a very social animal that would have loved to spend this holiday with its family. a great place to better educate yourself on the plight of the turkey is:

happy thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2007


a survey from sloop:

01. What is your ultimate pet hate?
littering. i guess i just don't understand anyone under 40 years old not having compassion (or at the very least a mild concern) for the environment.

02. What is the most beautiful accent in the world?

French. Especially when spoken by an animated skunk.

03. If you could choose one city to live in for the rest of your life, which city would it be?

Paris, France. I'm able to ask for the restroom, order a baguette, and ask for butter all in French. I'm pretty much set.

04. Who is your favorite film director and why?

I should say Francois Truffaut to keep with my French theme, but that would deny George Lucas his rightful place. Wait, I misread the question, it's not the most-loved-as-a-child-and-hated-as-an-adult director, it's just favorite director. That would have to be Stanley Kubrick. Films that he completed in the 60s still completely challenge me. he's brilliant and relevant, and of course Eyes Wide Shut doesn't really count.

05. How much do you swear?
is this a contest? i think i'm winning!

if you're reading this, please feel free to contribute!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

busted tambourine!

the recent batch of boy eats drum machine shows have been particularly good. some would even say amazing, as several have done after shows, each one featuring someone saying something along the lines of, "that was your best show ever!"

i'd have to agree, and i feel fairly qualified to say so, since i have seen BEDM a ton of times. like basically, every show. actually, i'm pretty sure i have been to every show (even though i don't remember all of them, which is a totally different blog topic).

i think last friday's routure adventure should go up there in the ranks of "that was your best show" shows if for no other reason than i broke my tambourine! how cool is that! i seriously pounded my dearly beloved double decker ass shaker into the ground! sadly, not realizing i had done so until i picked up one third of it to my own shock and awe! so that's about the most rock thing i have ever done... far more impressive than breaking a drumstick, guitar string, or even bass string. for my next trick i'm gonna try it on one of those plastic ones... stay tuned.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

i'm han solo

the best thing about myspace is all of the mindless surveys that you can fill out to determine what genre of movie your life would be (mine would be black comedy), what superhero you most resemble (is iron man a super hero?), or what genre of music you are (do i have to check emo because i feel like cutting myself?).

so i ran across the ever-loving lulu of "what ______ would you be?" surveys. it's The Star Wars Personality Test

it turns out i'm han solo. so please know that i'm not in this for your revolution.