Sunday, March 27, 2005

just celebrated my last birthday

ways that you know you are old:

1) you have visable ear and nosehair

2) you are bald

3) you complain about new video games having more than an a and b button

4) you purchased the bulk of your music collection on cassette

5) you received books as birthday presents (and exclaimed gleefully after opening them)

6) you have 100+ 5th and 6th graders tell you so everyday at work

7) on your last run, something in your knee went "pop" (and you haven't run since)

8) in addition to the aforementioned books, you received an ear and nose hair trimmer on your birthday (and again exclaimed gleefully) (so does that mean that I can cross off number 1?)

9) after watching 'troy' you caught yourself thinking 'damn brad pitt looks great at 40... 40's not that old'

10) you turned 29 last week.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

New iPod 4.6 GB!

If there is a cutting edge of technology, then I am the equivalent of a folded piece of paper that you lick before tearing at the edge of a table. Case in point, with everyone living the iLife to its most full, I jumped on board a year or so ago not with a new iPod, but a used 10GB that someone else upgraded from. There's the first warning.

So the Gen. 1 10gig has served me well short of an incident where it locked up in San Jose last summer. Frozen on "You're the One for me Fatty" by Mr. Moz. I spend 72 hours away from my iBook, wondering what the song would sound like if it was playing. The next upload remedied that problem and all has been dandy since.

Until last weekend when I was creating not-so-fresh basslines over Jay-Z's "lucifer." turns out my iPod must have made a deal with the aptly-named track, as the screen once again froze and "lucifer" took the soul of my once hip and cutting edge 10GB. Unlike San Jose, this time I was armed with the power of DSL and the myriad of answers contained therein.

I now know every possible phyiscal command that you can enter into an iPod. Over the past week I have reset my iPod to factory defaults a handful of times each day, manually loaded songs from my library only to have the thing crash again. Only the story doesn;t end there. It seems that in its deal with the devil, my iPod will operate with only the correct library. One song out of place and it will crash. So, Kings of Convenience's "I'd rather dance with you" is fine, but Ace of Base's "living in danger" will set it over the top.

So I have sucessfully found the library that my demon-possessed iPod desires. Evidently, it loves the Outshine "AOWW EP" but is not a fan of "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb." Everyone's a critic. That's okay iPod, it took me awhile to appreciate it too. Anyways, I now am the proud owner of the new and improved Gen.1 4.6 GB iPod! 1223 of my favorite songs (and some that I'm not the biggest fan of, but I'm not about to argue with the devil's iPod) in a bulky sharp edged bit of technology from 2002.

Before you suggest that I just by one of those sleek, updated iPod Photos, or a new 20GB, remember that I am broke. That, and I am on the "lick-and-tear" edge of technology. I'm hopelessly outdated.

...after all I still like Morrissey.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

caught behind a train, i had some time to think

so milwaukie is divided by traintracks. there's an eastern and western side. i'm not sure which side is the right or wrong side, but one of the joys in being a milwaukian (milwaukite? milwaukieen?) is being caught behind the train.

this evening i was visiting some friends on the wrong side of the tracks and found myself parked behind the longest train of all time. pumping the arcade fire, i was tempted to let eastern canada's finest indie rockers lull me from the impending boredom. rather, i found that i had some time to think.

my friend's baby is now a five-year-old. this is the same unknown kid that i had prayed for and waited on before he arrived what is now years ago. the thing is this little five-year-old kept me entertained for the duration of my visit. he showed me his favorite online games... (mine is battleship), and basically made me laugh for a half hour. so i am now realizing that this is what life is about. laughing with a little kid and realizing that five years passes faster than any of us wants it to.

i feel a newfound need to look up some old friends and get busy dying. maybe i'll log off the blog and do a google search right now.

...or maybe i'll watch some television.