Tuesday, September 27, 2005

long ago...

gifty show
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so this is me rocking out with my good friend erin back in the day when i was bothered by the necessity of having to cut my hair. more shocking than seeing myself with hair (albeit receeding hair) is how many people i can identify in the picture. so many friends and lovers i can't count them all. look how young we all look... N8 looks like a baby. i guess i see how youth is wasted on the young.

Gimme a C!

So today after school a sixth grader who is the absolute "best-friend-till-the-end" of one of the girls in my class handed me a piece of paper.

Girl from another class: Here you go Mr. Rickard.
Me: That's nice of you. What does it say?
GFAC: It's a poem about you. I used the letters in your name.
Me: Wow, thanks. That's really sweet of you. (proceed to read poem) So energetic starts with a C?
GFAC: Oh, whoops. I did that in like 30 seconds.
Me: Well I see that I'm daring. I guess I better go jump in a fire or rescue a kitty (both girls smile and blush). Well thanks a lot.
Another GFAC: Bye, Mr. Rickard (she grabs me in a side hug).
Me (seeing that another teacher has received the same type of poem): Why didn't you put 'beautiful' on mine?
GFAC: Because your name doesn't have a B in it.
Me: Oh I see. Just like it doesn't have an E.
GFAC: Huh?
Me: Don't miss your bus girls.

So anyways, here's a poem that describes me.

Mr. Rickard


R-Rock on
R-Reads a lot

I just can't get over being called rocken and dareing in one day. Maybe I'll correct the spelling errors and return the poem...

Friday, September 16, 2005

AI vs. Live Cover

I'll try and protect the innocent here, but I gotta say that sharing an email address at work sucks for more than just the reason below. I mean, I receive my share of spam from sultry manboys and the like, but sometimes it's your co-worker's legitimate, solicited emails that get sticky (pun intended). take this example for instance. I should preface by saying that I don't generally consider myself a prude, but this email casually referred to semen so many times that even I began to blush. Before you pervs continue I think that this has something to do with horses...

"Eileen, John:

I noticed that you do ship semen, the $150.00 additional for that is that just the collection/chute fee then I would pay shipping on top of that or does that include the first shipping? Most cases that I have dealt with in the past have included the first shipment of semen. What is the motility rate at 24, 36, & 48 hours for him? Have you done those numbers? My old Switch a lena daughter does so much better with AI than live cover. Will you be standing black next spring? What is Black’s percentage of throwing yellow? I try for any color other than yellow. ...Thanks for your time."

Needless to say, I'm now checking email with one eye closed in the hope that I won't start "throwing yellow" myself.