Saturday, May 13, 2006

tongue and horizon line

tongue and horizon line
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The nice thing about the Proposal Rock Inn in Neskowin OR is that there's DSL in the hotel rooms. That way when you get back from the beach, you can blog about your dogs.

I've never been to Neskowin before, this place was recommended by the sloop john p. and it has its perks. Besides DSL in the room, the rooms are "pet friendly" so we can take Hank and Kazu with us to the beach.

In addition, our room is "beach facing," so rather than walk to the beach for a sunset, we can watch it all go down from our back deck. nice way to spend the weekend at the beach–especially if you enjoy sandy paws in your sheets as much as I do!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

she wants an original thought

are there no new ideas in the corporate music business? every time i have the unfortunate opportuinity to hear "she wants revenge," i wonder who she is and why she wouldn't rather just have an original musical act. "she wants a new idea," as i'll call her, should really spend less time seeking revenge and spend more time trying not to rip off interpol and joy division.

i understand the knock that several people have RE: interpol sounding a bit like joy division, but c'mon, "she wants revenge" might as well call themselves "she wants to turn on the bright lights" or "she wants interpol's antics" or "she wants corporate music copycatting to go away"

again, i have no idea who she is, but could she please just get this terrible b-grade, garage rip-off band off of the radio?

Monday, May 01, 2006

using your gifts

some bands are completely failing to live up to their potential. take reptilian civilian, for example, they can clear a room faster than a greasefire. so why just play shows and invite your friends when you could really tap into that power? i think that they should open a moving company. with the power of their rock, they could clear out an entire house before their third encore. i imagine that the pay would be pretty good.