Monday, April 03, 2006

Mr. Rickard, gym teacher

I guess the saying should go, watch out what you apply for because they may just give you the job. Several weeks ago, when my desk job at Teledigitappeared to be ending, I applied for a part-time morning P.E. position. Well, lace up your jogging shoes, slap on your matching warm-ups, and lasso your whistle Mr. Rickard, because you got the job.

As of next Monday, I'll be teaching P.E. in the mornings for grades Kindergarten through six at lil' ol Redland School. I guess I'll have to start calling students by their last names and will tell that fiesty 'lil Jonny to "take a lap", next time he "gives me guff." At the very least this should provide some blog fodder. Wish me luck, I'll probably need it.